Fitting and Templating

First we will arrange a date and time which suits you. Then the team will arrive and run through any questions you may have before starting. Once we are ready, we use cortex which is a see though plastic bored so we are able to see through into your units making sure all appliances are positioned in the correct place, also giving you the exact size and shape of the worktop to give you a visual of the worktop so you can adjust anything. When picking material we provide samples for most of the materials if you would prefer you can always go to the local suppliers and pick the slab you want.
From there the templates will go to the workshop and be cut using a saw and CNC machine all work can be carried out either in the workshop or on site to suit the type of job to be carried out!

Fitting Your Worktops On Arrival

We will first arrange a time that is suitable with the client also arrange the best access that will work for you and for us.

Fitting your stone to your worktops we use a low modular silicone. Which will stop any bleeding through the stone and is generally a really strong and powerful silicone.
Using a bed of silicone we will make sure there is no hollow points under your tops which will allow weakness and movement.

This will have to be left for 24 hours for the silicone to set and dry. The joints we use are a 2 pack resin which will go as solid as your worktop and we will try to colour much our best glue to your selected material to make the joint as strong as possible. We also cut biscettes into the join for the glue to go in creating internal strength through the joint.