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Granite Chip Repair

Second Hand Kitchen Fitting Services

We offer second hand kitchen & ex-display cutting and re-fitting services. As you can see the stone in the picture up against the wall, we template your kitchen to make sure everything is going to work out perfectly then we clean all the stone, remove left over glue and silicone and then we cut the stone to size and polish any edges that need to be finished. Then the nice part of the service is re-fitting the stone. We use silicon to bed the tops down properly with a very limited amount of packers as some company use a lot of with out the correct amount of silicone which creates hollow points on the stone top and this is not a practice we like to follow. Every single unit top will be siliconed and bedded to create a solid bed for the stone. The joints are resin based joints to create a solid join, some people use silicone for the join which last about 2 months as the silicone will eventually pull out of the joint . Then it’s time to clean and re-seal all of your work tops ready for the up stands to be finished with silicone to make it water tight and then finished off with a filler if needed as no wall is ever strait along the top edge! And don’t panic any tops that have come to you damaged and chipped we also have a chip repair service to make sure your new kitchen is back to its original state.
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    Is your granite or stone worktop damaged?

    Is your granite or stone worktop damaged – cracked, chipped, damaged edge, stained, lost its sheen…we can deal with most problems, provide you with a fast, long lasting repair that is in most cases almost invisible. You may find our guidance on looking after your granite worktop useful. We use the latest technologies to provide the best repair possible. We can usually deal with:

    Chips and scratches can be repaired with suitable fillers. Note: Some stones are more difficult to repair invisibly than others – in particular pure black and white stone are the hardest to achieve near invisible repairs.

    Most finishes can be repaired to be almost invisible but viewing from different angles and in different lighting conditions will reveal the repair – but as with most things, if you know it is there, you see it but no one else notices.

    Naturally we will make every effort to repair your worktop without the repair showing but this cannot be guaranteed.

    ​Fitting and Templating

    We offer a very high quality service when it comes to getting the right fit and look for your granite worktop. With many years experience in using high quality granite and marble, we use only the best silicones and glues.

    Quality Service

    From conception of your idea to installation we pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service to all of our clients. All of our jobs are templated & fitted by our own experienced in-house fitters and all materials are fabricated using the latest technology. Whether you are having a complete kitchen makeover with granite worktops in Hertford, or just a single stone window sill, our stone masons will finish your piece by hand in our factory.​

    Hertfordshire Granite Repair

    With Over 30 Years Experience.